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City of Ottawa Web Transformation

This project demonstrates our experience working on:

  • a large scale municipal citizen service delivery strategy;
  • industry benchmarking and leading practices consultation with other jurisdictions;
  • stakeholder focus groups and workshops;
  • business case development;
  • service delivery channel optimization and web channel shift;
  • implementation planning and road-mapping.

Project Description

The City of Ottawa has undertaken an $80M service transformation that involves the redesign of services to citizens and businesses that must result in not only new efficiencies but increased citizen satisfaction as they use these services. The objective of the program was to improve how the City engages, interacts with, as well as provides services and information to citizens and business. Core to the success of this initiative was the requirement to create new innovative web information and transaction services that will provide cost-effective service to citizens in an accessibility compliant and mobile-friendly way.

As leads for the Business Transformation and the Transformation workstreams, our consultants were responsible for:

  • An extensive “consultation” process to define high value components by using analytics, reporting and direct sessions with individuals having high customer contact and known for their customer intuition. This allowed for a number of design alternatives and usability approaches to be considered before any extensive UX sessions were held and kept development costs as well as time to delivery contained;
  • Conduct leading practices consultations with other municipalities across Canada and North America to identify additional learning and successful practices to improve citizen service delivery, enhance efficiencies while increasing citizen satisfaction;
  • Evaluation of Segmentation to identify high-value service components for each;
  • Usage of social media to “share” items of interest for potential “viral lift”;
  • User Experience Testing against the prototype design conducted with all key segments with excellent results that limited the need for extensive redesign and rework;
  • Integration of a new CRM technology to the web using a new Oracle Service-Oriented Architecture.

Our work also included:

  • Using a high employee engagement model: process mapping, gathering information and relevant metrics for ALL citizen-facing service processes across 55 City branches;
  • Facilitating and evaluation of business transformation opportunities with multiple stakeholders (8 departments and 55 operating areas);
  • Conduct Citizen Service Centre, 311 and departmental contact centre as well as web operating channel diagnostics and assessments to identify improvements for implementation of new services and technologies within existing operations;
  • Identifying channel shift opportunities to web services within a new service delivery operating model;
  • Developing a core strategy, designing and implementing a Service Ottawa transactional component to and designing a new comprehensive approach to for implementation by year-end 2012;
  • Integrating the telephone and web channels strategies into a true multi-channel approach to services to encourage channel shift to the web;
  • Made recommendations to transition the site to a new Open Source environment
  • Made recommendations on the practical application of Web 2.0 and 3.0 approaches (e.g. Open Data strategies for enhancing municipal services) to web-based service strategy.

ForwardVu Solutions was a key player in evolving the original vision and bringing it into operational reality:

  • Throughout our 26 months on the project, we incorporated a high employee engagement model that accelerated analysis of readiness, transformation; possibilities, acceptance to change and timeline signposting of keys stages of the future work;
  • We performed research that included determination of best and leading practices for municipal service delivery that included data gathering, interviewing key operational leads and determination of lessons learned for high citizen engagement and satisfaction. This was done for in-person, telephone and web channels;
  • An extensive citizen “consultation” process was used to define high value components for the future web channel strategy and design to encourage channel shift as well as direct website engagement. The first implementation of Service Ottawa has resulted in significant channel shift (over 7% to July 2012) to the web transactions;
  • Consultation included measures of satisfaction with new design segments, identification of perceived high value components and Net Promoter measures of the service site itself;
  • By using analytics, reporting and direct sessions with individuals having high customer contact and known for their customer intuition, we were able to map out areas of high improvement impact to departmental operations while potentially improving citizen satisfaction.


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