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Government of Bermuda Web Strategy and Transformation

This project demonstrates our experience working on:

  • a large scale public sector web transformation strategy;
  • needs assessment consultations and design validation workshops with internal stakeholders;
  • focus groups with citizens and residents;
  • web design, information architecture and information management;
  • identification and development of new online services.

The Government of Bermuda was looking to totally transform its current website into a modern web portal to provide information and services to residents, business and visitors. The Government wants to upgrade its support infrastructure to encourage use of self-service by shifting expense from counter/telephone services to web-based services.

The current website consists of 97 microsites and over 15 external government sites. There are more than 30,000 pages of content and over 27 different social media channels. The home-grown Content Management System was no longer meeting the needs of the government and the content was extremely static and out of date.

ForwardVu Solutions consultants approached this task by taking the following steps in the creation of a Web and Digital Transformation Strategy and Roadmap:

● Needs Assessment with internal and external stakeholders;
● Creation of a comprehensive information architecture with a focus on mobility;
● New vibrant and visually stunning design;
● Design validation workshops with stakeholders;
● Development of user specifications for the procurement of a hosted infrastructure and an implementation roadmap.

ForwardVu worked on the initial planning and scoping stages for the transformation project. Multiple stakeholder consultation interviews and workshops were conducted to determine core requirements and high value functionality desired by key stakeholders. Core Vision was then evolved and enhanced.

The results from the Needs Assessment and the feedback from the stakeholder interviews was used to drive the Information Architecture. A comprehensive site map was developed, along with detailed wireframes to support both the first phase as well as indications on how the site can be expanded and grow during future phases of development. The architecture detailed how the site would function from both a mobile standpoint as well as full desktop, along with specific accessibility requirements that needed to be adhered to.

Once the information architecture was reviewed and approved, a set of visual designs were produced that showcased how the website would look once completed. Designs were created for the key pages of the website, and to visually show how the site would flow down to a content level. These mock-ups were used to create an interactive demo – a browser-friendly version that included the graphics with an overlay of basic functionality. This demo was used during the design validation workshops.

ForwardVu conducted a series of Design Validation Workshops with internal business units as well as external citizens and businesses within Bermuda. We conducted 12 focus groups with external citizens and businesses; with 15 attendees per session. The results of the validation sessions were documented and reviewed with the client. The results further refined the design in order to ensure that the final concepts met the needs of both internal and external stakeholders.

ForwardVu worked with the government to finalize the User Requirements and Use Cases for the procurement of the new hosted Drupal SaaS infrastructure and the Build Phase vendor. It assisted in the final evaluation and selection process of Build Vendor who will host and build the new web portal.

Currently, we are assisting the Government in keeping the ball rolling forward by providing assistance with web writing guidance, content management, and documentation of branding. ForwardVu is worked closely with the Government of Bermuda to develop a detailed interactive style guide, content guide, detailed taxonomy, and providing leadership for content writing. ForwardVu will be provided training for content writers and providing guidance to the internal web team.

With the selection of the Build Vendor, ForwardVu assisted the government to guide Phase 1 of the website build and implementation which was successfully launched on April 1, 2016.

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