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Past Projects

In the past year, our company’s consultants have worked together on several large projects within the public sector. These projects have been focused on citizen service delivery, multi-channel management and web portal design and development. These projects varied in length from 4 to 12 months, were of high complexity across client organizations and business areas, and supported project budgets of up to $80 million.

Recent past projects have included:

Government of Bermuda Web Strategy and Transformation

The Government of Bermuda was looking to totally transform its current website into a modern web portal to provide information and services to residents, business and visitors to encourage use of self-service by shifting expense from counter/telephone services to web-based services. Learn more about the Bermuda Strategy and Transformation project…

Halifax Regional Municipality Web Strategy and Roadmap

The Halifax Regional Municipality wanted a web strategy that could delve into broader requirements for dynamic content management, forms and self-service structures that are accessible, adaptable, and scalable, as well as anticipating future needs downstream and new approaches to integrated service delivery to gain new efficiencies. Learn more about the Halifax Strategy project…

City of Ottawa Web Transformation

The City of Ottawa undertook an $80M service transformation that involved the redesign of services to citizens and businesses that must result in not only new efficiencies but increased citizen satisfaction as they use these services. ForwardVu Solutions Inc. was responsible for evolving the original vision into operational reality and leading the next generation of the and web channel components. Learn more about the City of Ottawa Web Transformation project…

Government of Saskatchewan – Business Portal

ForwardVu Solutions established the design, build and next steps roadmap for a Stage 1 (Saskatchewan Business Registry) of a new online business portal project for the Province of Saskatchewan to be implemented in Microsoft SharePoint and CRM applications. This included the establishment of the solution methodology, design, and leading user experience focus groups.

British Columbia – Digital Marketing & Tactical Evolution Strategy

ForwardVu Solutions developed a digital marketing strategy and next steps for the evolution of the award winning WelcomeBC web portal. The project evaluated global leading practices in government and private sector web services for application to the site strategy in order to become the primary online presence for Immigration to British Columbia.  An “outside-in” strategy was developed with short term tactics and action steps for immediate site changes that took advantage of the 2010 Winter Olympics as an interest generating trigger event.