ForwardVu Solutions Inc.

We provide innovative, client-focused, web and business transformation solutions.

Our Services

We recognize the need to ensure that our clients’ initiatives have the buy-in and support of their stakeholders, employees and customers. We have experience facilitating communications between groups, presenting and discussing initiatives with multiple stakeholder groups, and balancing the needs of the initiatives, and feedback received, into a “going forward” approach that helps meet the needs of all the stakeholder groups.

Our primary services include:

  • Citizen service delivery, service touchpoint strategy and channel optimization;
  • Customer experience strategy and assessment;
  • Citizen-facing and “back office” process transformation and shared service consolidation;
  • Organization change management;
  • Web and mobile channel strategy, information architecture, design, development and implementation;
  • Solution design, development, roadmap planning and implementation.

Our work is recent, applied, and backed by client references. In the past year, our company’s consultants have worked together on several large projects within the public sector. These projects have been focused on citizen service delivery, multi-channel management and web portal design and development.

We have the experience to work with your organization, stakeholders and project teams, to drive increased levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty, improve efficiencies, manage customer segments, and drive higher levels of value for our clients and their customers.

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